Posting Guidelines

Before you consider posting, please read these guidelines in full:

Since this forum is not part of a strictly adult site and minors read and post here, we are placing some
restrictions on the type of poems that will be allowed to be posted in Erotic. Poems in these categories will be

1. Poems of a pornographic nature. Members agree not to post obscene, profane or vulgar material when they register at the site and we reserve the right to delete any message at any time for any or no reason

2. Poems that depict rape, dismemberment, violence or other such acts in an erotic fashion.

3. Poems written about children or minors (younger teens) in an erotic fashion. Pedophilia is a growing
problem and children should never be exploited for the purpose of arousal. While children have sexual
experiences and feelings, it is only common sense not to post poems about such experiences in a forum
designed specifically for adult erotica.

4. Poems that depict acts such as bestiality or necrophilia in an erotic fashion.

Eroticism is subjective--what one person finds erotic, another may not--and there will be cases when a poem
posted may be offensive to some, but not to others. In those cases, the moderators will use their best
judgement as to whether the poem should remain posted or deleted, as is the case in any forum. If the poem is
'borderline', the thread will be followed and if deemed necessary, the poem deleted after it has been decided
that the poem shouldn't be left in the forum. (Poems posted prior to these guidelines will not be affected,
unless controversies arise.)

While we do not want to unnecessarily censor, because we know that most people post responsibly, we feel
some standards are in order. The internet has any number of adult sites where you can post and read material
described above--if any of the above are your cup of tea, find another site.

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